Taking the wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS general health check-up camp

Taking the wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS general health check-up camp






Date –   14 September 2013

Venue – Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahemadnagar


A general health check-up camp was conducted on 14th September 2013 for community people from Jeur at Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahmednagar

This is a continuation of last year’s initiative which was conducted in 3 districts namely Ahmednagar, Pune and Nashik benefitting more than 1000 students. A general health check-up camp was carried out to facilitate early detection of deficiencies and general health of children.


It was planned to conduct the general health checkup camp on 14th September 2013. Visit to Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahemadnagar was done by NMP+ representative to coordinate camp activities and meeting was organized with Mr. Rajesh Pewal from Eaton to make camp successful.



General health checkup camp started by inauguration. Member of Zilla Parishad. Mr. Gawari, Sarpanch Mr. Vikas kotimbire, Vice Sarpanch Mr. Ashok Pawar, 30 volunteers from Eaton, 12 volunteers from NMP+, 5 Doctors were present for the camp.11 Member from Zilla parishad & gram panchayat, 21 Eaton Volunteers  from Eaton were honoured by giving a trophy.

Zilla Parishad & Grampanchayat members praised about the work of EATON and NMP+ and wished best of luck to keep the program to be continue in future.

General health Checkup Camp

General health check up camp was arranged by NMP plus and EATON, with the help of Jeur Baijabai Grampanchayat.  Sawata Maharaj Mandir premises was used as the venue for the camp. This place was easily accessible to the villagers, also it was the bazaar day of the village so there was a lot of rush to the camp.

Volunteers from NMP+ & Eaton executed the camp process according to the plan. 5 Doctors conducted the General health check-up.

A team of 5 Doctors associated with NMP+ TAAL Ahmednagar, got engaged in checkup of the community members from Jeur, Ahmednagar. A total number of 344 people (294 community members & 50 school children) got benefit of this camp. Common problems included cataract, spine, hypertensive, diabetic, varicose Veins, frozen shoulder, worm infestation, low back pain, decay tooth, bone and joint pains, common cold, fever were found among children. Those who needed medication were given prescription and referrals.

Health kits were distributed to all the participants who attended the camp. Health kit included toothbrush, tooth paste, tongue cleaner, soap and comb participants were also given a pack of parle biscuits..

Doctors’ findings from camp are as below.

  1. Cataract patients  – 10
  2. Spine surgeries advice – 12
  3. Hypertensive – 40
  4. Diabetic – 30
  5. Varicose Veins – 3 (advice surgery)
  6. Frozen sholder – 1
  7. Worm infestation – 15
  8. Low back pain – 50
  9. Decayed tooth – 25
  10. Bone and Joint pains – 42
  11. Common cold – 22
  12. Cough – 32
  13. Fever – 12

Total beneficiaries = 344 community members from Jeur, Ahmednagar.

Team of 30 volunteers from Eaton contributed in conducting general health checkup camp at Jeur.  We are thankful to all the volunteers of Eaton who directly and indirectly helped us in making he camp successful.

Thanks & Regards.

Vinod Jambhale.