Taking on wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS dental and oral health check-up at – Kada, Ahmednagar

Taking on wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS dental and oral health check-up at – Kada, Ahmednagar





Date-     15TH September 2012

Place-   Kada – Ahmednagar

Venue- Bhagini Nivedita Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kada, Ahmednagar.


Dental care has been always a neglected area, the leading oral cancer, gum diseases in rural area is bit alarming. In a recent study of central government it was found that 92% of students were found with dental cavities, decay and gum problem. According to the Frost & Sullivan survey, an estimated 40-50 percent of Indian population has never visited a dentist.

Taking this threat as an opportunity NMP+ decided to arrange a dental checkup camp for the students in Kada, Ahmednagar to create awareness about dental & oral care. This program would bring a change in behavior of the students & would start taking preventive measures to avoid dental & oral problems.


Dental check up camp was arranged by NMP plus and Eaton, with the help of Yashwantrao Chavan Dental College – Ahmednagar. The venue for the camp was Kanya Mahavidyalaya Kada, Ahmednagar. Students from, Bhagini Nivedita Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kada, Ahmednagar and Zilla Parishad Central Primary School were the main beneficiaries of the camp Children from the community & few women also attended the camp. Volunteers who contributed to conducte the Dental checkup camp were honored with a Trophy from NMP+.

The inauguration ceremony was done at 10.30 AM. Local leaders, School Board Trustees, Eaton Representatives were invited for the inauguration of the camp. The local leaders expressed their gratitude towards the activity arranged by NMP plus and EATON, for the village school children.


Mr. Prashant Yende and Mr. Vijay Bhende NMP+ representative expressed their positive thoughts to the guests & students of Kada. Students were given the message of “Life of children living with HIV should be without stigma & discrimination in school” also misconcepts were removed  regarding HIV.

Volunteers from NMP+ & Eaton executed the camp process according to the plan. 15 Doctors from Yashwantrao Chavan Dental College – Ahmednagar conducted the Dental oral health check-up. Along with the health check-up A unique competition was arranged in which children who had good oral and dental health were given award of Dant sundari for a girl and Dant Soundaryavan for a boy. Also a quiz competition was arranged to keep the students busy while the doctors were engaged in dental and oral checkup.

Dental & Oral checkup Camp

A team of 15 doctors from Yashwantrao Chavan dental college Ahmednagar got engaged in checkup of the students from both the schools. A total number of 511 children from school & community got benefit of this camp. The college had not only provided the Trained Doctors but they had also brought a well equipped van for any small surgery needed at the spot. Also they gave referral slips for those students who needed further treatment. The further treatment would be provided free at the college.

Total benificeries = 511 students.

Referred for further treatment = 113 Students.

Distribution of dental kit to students = 360.

Prizes for quiz competation = 23

Dant Sundari Award = 3

Dant Soundaryavan Award = 3

A session was conducted by the Doctors to tell the students the importance of oral & dental care. Doctors explained in details about the root cause of the dental & oral health problems, how we and every one can avoid it. Etc. Students also asked the queries they had in their mind which were solved by the Doctors.


The closing ceremony was arranged in a very innovative method of prize distribution. In order to motivate the oral hygiene  habits among the children they were felicitated by giving a golden, silver and bronze belt and a crown like ,how the winner of beauty contest gets which was appreciated a lot by the children more than 50 children were given prizes for different activities.

The contribution of Eaton & NMP+ Voulnteers helped to bring success to the Camp.

Note: As the Doctor is out of station he was not able to send us the dental report of the examined students. We will be sending the report as soon as we receive it from their end.


Thanks & Regards.

Vinod Jambhale.