Network of Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS (NMP+)

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The Network of Maharashtra People with HIV (NMP+) is a community based organization formed by people with HIV to improve conditions for positive people. Membership is open to all people living with HIV in the state of Maharashtra, irrespective of gender, caste, religion or social… Read more…


Network of Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS (NMP+) has worked on various projects with utmost dedication and conviction . Our success is really a result of our allies and friend partners . Please go through our vast portfolio of projects we executed and ongoing projects. Read more…


Please go through our annual reports . We at NMP+ working for better world and our work reflects it. Have in depth understanding of what we need to do and how we need to execute it. Please find 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 reports , Our work includes Advocacy, Service Delivery and Network Building Read more…

Network of Maharashtra by People Living with HIV/AIDS (NMP+) is a community based organisation formed by people with HIV to improve conditions for positive people. Membership is open to all people living with HIV in the state of Maharashtra, irrespective of gender, caste, religion or social group. We have volunteers working all over the state, positive people empowering others to develop self-esteem and to support their affected families.

Positive Prevention: Play Safe

The responsibility of reducing the transmission of HIV is something all of us must share. Communication and information about sex and sexuality are most effective tools in reducing the spread of HIV. If you are infected with HIV, you need to follow safe sex guidelines and use condoms when having sex including with other HIV+ people. Using a condom reduces exposure to other sexually transmitted infections such as herpes or syphilis. If you already have HIV, these diseases can be even more serious. Also you can be re-infected with a different strain of HIV, which might be resistant to anti-retroviral drugs. Use a condom and practice safe sex.

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Taking on wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS dental and oral health check-up at – Kada, Ahmednagar

TAKING THE WHEEL EATON – CSR PROJECT ORGANIZED BY EATON AND NMPPLUS DENTAL AND ORAL HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP Date-     15TH September 2012 Place-   Kada – Ahmednagar Venue- Bhagini Nivedita Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kada, Ahmednagar. Background: Dental care has been always a neglected area, the leading oral cancer, gum diseases in rural area is bit alarming. In a recent study of central government it was found that 92% of students were found with dental cavities, decay and gum problem. According to the Frost & Sullivan survey, an estimated 40-50 percent of Indian population has never visited a dentist. Taking this threat as an opportunity NMP+ decided to arrange a dental checkup camp for the students in Kada, Ahmednagar to create awareness about dental & oral care. This program would bring a change in behavior of the students & would start taking preventive measures to avoid dental & oral problems. Inauguration. Dental check up camp was arranged by NMP plus and Eaton, with the help of Yashwantrao Chavan Dental College – Ahmednagar. The venue for the camp was Kanya Mahavidyalaya Kada, Ahmednagar. Students from, Bhagini Nivedita Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kada, Ahmednagar and Zilla Parishad Central Primary School were the main beneficiaries of the camp Children from the community & few women also attended the camp. Volunteers who contributed to conducte the Dental checkup camp were honored with a Trophy from NMP+. The inauguration ceremony was done at 10.30 AM. Local leaders, School Board Trustees, Eaton Representatives were invited for the inauguration of the camp. The local leaders expressed their gratitude towards the activity arranged by NMP plus and EATON, for the village school... read more

Taking the wheels-Eaton- CSR organised by Eaton and NMPLUS general health check-up camp

  “TAKING THE WHEEL” ORGANIZED BY EATON AND NMPPLUS GENERAL HEALTH CHECK-UP CAMP – JEUR AHMEDNAGAR.   Date –   14 September 2013 Venue – Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahemadnagar Background: A general health check-up camp was conducted on 14th September 2013 for community people from Jeur at Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahmednagar This is a continuation of last year’s initiative which was conducted in 3 districts namely Ahmednagar, Pune and Nashik benefitting more than 1000 students. A general health check-up camp was carried out to facilitate early detection of deficiencies and general health of children. Planning: It was planned to conduct the general health checkup camp on 14th September 2013. Visit to Sawata Maharaj Mandir, Jeur, Ahemadnagar was done by NMP+ representative to coordinate camp activities and meeting was organized with Mr. Rajesh Pewal from Eaton to make camp successful.   Inauguration General health checkup camp started by inauguration. Member of Zilla Parishad. Mr. Gawari, Sarpanch Mr. Vikas kotimbire, Vice Sarpanch Mr. Ashok Pawar, 30 volunteers from Eaton, 12 volunteers from NMP+, 5 Doctors were present for the camp.11 Member from Zilla parishad & gram panchayat, 21 Eaton Volunteers  from Eaton were honoured by giving a trophy. Zilla Parishad & Grampanchayat members praised about the work of EATON and NMP+ and wished best of luck to keep the program to be continue in future. General health Checkup Camp General health check up camp was arranged by NMP plus and EATON, with the help of Jeur Baijabai Grampanchayat.  Sawata Maharaj Mandir premises was used as the venue for the camp. This place was easily accessible to the villagers, also it... read more

A POSITIVE APPROACH TO LIFE Empowerment of an Individual Knowledge and skills to a healthy living SAKSHAM

Birth of the concept of study club & teen club meetings UNICEF has ensured that access to care, support and treatment for the entire HIV population especially children and adolescents amongst its many other interventions is in its prime. Today there are numerous interventions already carried out and many still going on that have brought positive results. It has been understood and accepted that even the best of clinical interventions will not help beyond a point if not assisted with psycho social interventions. Therefore it was necessary to create a platform for bringing positive children and adolescents together in each of the 5 UNICEF focus districts. UNICEF and Network of Maharashtra by people living with HIV & AIDS (NMP+) has been working in a very fruitful partnership with respect to HIV positive children and adolescents. Keeping the above issues in mind, Study Clubs and Teen Clubs were conceptualised and rolled out by NMP+, supported by UNICEF for children (10-14 years) and adolescents (15-19 years) living with HIV. Meetings were to be held of selected children in these clubs. This creation of  a ‘safe space’ has been a Pilot Project, the first of its kind, where not only children and adolescents were to be addressed but even parents/ care givers also via an orientation. The meetings were to be carried out for a period of three months. Post three months, there was to be an Experience Sharing and Review Meeting (ESRM). NMP+ could then continue to carry on these meetings for the coming months. Objectives behind Study Club Meetings To empower HIV-positive children to build positive relationships. Improve their self-esteem... read more